Just a dream

Die Diery,

I had a very strange dream last night. I was like on my way to school at 07.38 or 07.28 with sort of uniform but I'm sure that it's not our school uniform,I was carrying a load of heavy stuffs like trophies made of hard glass I guess,then..I dragged them to the field...the soil..about to give them to some people whom I can't reckon...not a face.
I remember somebody's name was on highlight. First letter "W" can't recall first or last name but quite sure I did try to remember it in my dream. It wasn't like a familiar name to me. Could be just an effect after watching The Mentalist where there's a scene of "M" or "W" pendant.
Also somehow there was like a sum with computer font like A minus B="17" and I think the B is 23.  It's weird that I can remember so much specific information there.

Basically it was a jumble of irrelevant screens,I'm guessing that it happened because there was so much in my head before I could sleep last night. Well maybe my unconscious is trying to tell me that "the thing" I was thinking about last night actually means something to me. Cool huh?

What do you say?


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