Heart grows fonder

Die Diery,

I looked back at my 2012's posts and realized that these past few months I'd been trying to get over my 4-month-crush. It's embarrassing to see how desperate I had become :S
But it was 2012's story,I mean..the last time I saw him,he was still as nice as before but I felt nothing even when we got to sit together. So...I think I'm over him. Cheers!
There's a line from HOW by MAROON 5 that describes my feeling that time.
"Why does the one you love become the one who makes you want to cry?"
Deep isn't it? Complicated.
Falling in love is never beautiful,I guess. It hurts when its only you who fall alone,without somebody to catch.

This year,I don't want crush anymore,please. It's killing to fall to someone who can't catch but.... it's nature's forces I can't control. 
And please not stupid getaway from silly boredom which leads to dumb mixed feelings too.

I suppose I'm ready to move on,only because I've been asking myself so many times about B and both my head and heart agree that we're simply friends or I prefer  frienemies.Need to give my heart a break,need peace just like the old times.


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