First page of the new year

2012 was blissful, a lot of things have changed the way I see the world. A new perspective to be a mature woman,maybe?

I spent New Year's eve with besties plus Erik at Freddy's ,yeay! Super fun barbecue and fireworks! We didn't buy fireworks but a view from the rooftop was mesmerizing. They caught my eyes so much that I forgot to make a wish at 12.00 but 12.03. Hopefully it counts.......
Too bad some pals couldn't join due to family occasion but it was crazy enough to have Kawe,Freddy,Larry,Erik,Sharen,Erni and Nixon. They are clowns! lol 
Kawe arrived late so we didn't have a pic with him :(

We had grills and sodas and didn't sleep till 6 in the morning. Freddy played guitar at dawn when all of us were sharing in his room...at first there were all of us and as the clock ticked,each voices were gone leaving the guitar solo.
Nixon and Kawe always ruin serious conversation hahaha!
I slept for like 2 hours and had dad fetched me.

Many thanks for saving me from passing the last minutes of 2012 alone with hopes that were already faded.
Nearly a perfect start of the year,nearly :)

Pardon me sounding weak on this post but I still believe new year is a new chapter,new hope and spirit. Having so much inquiries in my head and  thoughts of going back to college in a day sadden me.
Don't fret though ;)


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