Saturday Night

Die Diery,

Socialization in campus is moderate. You know you can never find any friends who are as sick as your high school mates!
Gabi,Erni and Filbert had just came back to spend their semester holiday in hometown! Except for Gabi since she was here for few days only and she had even flown back to Yogyakarta this afternoon.
As we only hang out like once in a month,yesterday was counted as the first in December. Some others will be home next week,really looking forward to it *hugs*

So we went for a dinner last night which there was a totally different feeling. Mostly it will just be me,Christine,Larry,Cheli,Nixon,Freddy and sometimes Devani or Cika or Avel. Just the 7 of us seperated by 2 cars,it's slightly quiet and calm. But yesterday there were additional warriors and with them everything was so alive again! So glad that we made it,you know they're all chatty especially Gab,she hasn't changed at all,still excited and fresh hahhaha.

Saturday night..all restaurants, cafes and bistros were crowded. We moved from Harbour9 to Gelato after a long spin bcs it was really full there. We nearly didn't get any parking space,but we managed to have our dinner at 10p.m like finally.....
We spent like 2 hours starving while chit-chatting in the car lol! But it was funnnn! Feel like going back to high school time again :(


To sum it all,it was a superb night with superb pals #muchlove


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