Nearly Goodbye Twenty Twelve

I'm not ready to leave this year just yet.
The 356 days of 2012 are enjoyable,tough,sweet,hysteric,lovely,solemn,hectic,weird,priceless,bitter,artistic and every single adjective in dictionaries to go on.

Basically the Mayans were wrong about judgement day and even though I didn't believe it at all but I have to admit that 2013 was so far-reached from my mind. This year end is a quiet one bcs many pals have left town(sure theirs must be somewhat lonelier). Compare to last year's when we had HOTtrip together,things are different now. I thought this year's 31st I would be alone in my room watching fireworks parade on TV but thanks God it wouldn't happen.
Well,good news is we've got another New Year's eve to pass and countdown and January 1st again and 19th birthday lol!

Every year is a new leaf to turn,isn't it?
Here comes dramatic writing again.
Let 2012 be the best  memories to remember and may all mementos left be safe and sound with us.
Cheers to the new born year! *counting down*

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