Good and Bad

Die Diery,

Shopping went fun with Ceha. We also watched Habibie & Ainun at the cinema (an Indonesian movie about B.J. Habibie-Indonesia ex president-and his wife). I guess everybody agrees that it's one great,touching movie. We cried in the cinema. Maybe the producer had guessed that people will cry out loud at the climax and purposely turn up the volume of the background music.

One thing that didn't go well was..I argued with him about sth last night. A real argument,not a cat and dog-teasing-fight. It was my fault..I think. I didn't know how things could turn ugly and tense. I shouldn't have asked him. Now I feel guilty but unwilling to text and apologize.
No,I don't keep feelings for him. We're pals,but..I don't know what to do...
I couldn't sleep well last night. Stayed awake and woke up several times too. Now my head is throbbing,eyes are extremely tired.

Gonna head to see my college pals in the afternoon though. See ya.


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