Christmas and the Eve

Die Diery,

Thanking God for every god and bad moment in my life,to be with people who are great and nice.
Had fun karaoke and dined super spicy spaghetti at Gaboh. Couldn't feel happier spending the eve with my pals.
Btw I didn't go out so much before Xmas,so..couldn't really feel the joyful feeling. Haven't seen any nice Xmas tree,haven't taken pic with any Xmas trees but one sponsored by Coca Cola company. Not cool enough :(

Well..it didn't go as sweet as it seem after the dinner. Passing the eve by watching the Walking Dead till midnight. Zombies. I super hate them. Maybe this is worth to remember,eve with the zombies. Gotta laugh reading this next Christmas eve I bet.

On Christmas, I went to shop with mom and bought nice apparels and...that shopping temptation won't go away soooo..I asked Ceha to accompany me today,yeay!
Girls' day sounds good these days.

Lots of love,

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