City Tour

Our Anthropology lecturer arranged this trip for us,cool stuff!
Tiring but...yeah a lot of pictures! HAHAHA
Can't expect anything good cs we ended up sweaty and messy.

Start: 09.00 a.m - 08.00 p.m
Taman Buaya

Vihara Gunung Timur



Istana Maimun

Ocean Pacific- Belawan

To be honest,the only place I've ever visited was the temple. Other than that,I got no idea. Istana Maimun is very special though. Adorned with antique ornaments and decorations,felt like taking pics everywhere but we didn't have much time.
Museum was cool too,but something made it so vivid and unattractive. Taman Buaya (Crocodile Field?)...got no interest in vivacious creature. Err,they really need to improve the maintenance to please visitors.
Last,Ocean-Pacific,a nice place after the whole tiring trip but..I prefer beach hahaha.

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