Nearly Goodbye Twenty Twelve

I'm not ready to leave this year just yet.
The 356 days of 2012 are enjoyable,tough,sweet,hysteric,lovely,solemn,hectic,weird,priceless,bitter,artistic and every single adjective in dictionaries to go on.

Basically the Mayans were wrong about judgement day and even though I didn't believe it at all but I have to admit that 2013 was so far-reached from my mind. This year end is a quiet one bcs many pals have left town(sure theirs must be somewhat lonelier). Compare to last year's when we had HOTtrip together,things are different now. I thought this year's 31st I would be alone in my room watching fireworks parade on TV but thanks God it wouldn't happen.
Well,good news is we've got another New Year's eve to pass and countdown and January 1st again and 19th birthday lol!

Every year is a new leaf to turn,isn't it?
Here comes dramatic writing again.
Let 2012 be the best  memories to remember and may all mementos left be safe and sound with us.
Cheers to the new born year! *counting down*


Last Sunday in 2012

 I spent the day super productively! I mean..really spent a lot today for dresses,food,cute accessories. God,I'm not a shopaholic but I guess I carry it a bit.
Good stuffs come unexpectedly,we were just shopping for some blouses and done till I came across those wonderful stuffs. You know what happened next,eyes turned green,trying on for an hour and half so dad's face changed just dark like potato lollll.
That guilty pleasure is still a pleasure. Don't resent it,J. Last shopping in 2012,promise!
Mom is the best!!!! Swore to her that I won't buy anything anymore. Uh-uh.

Last dinner with family in 2012.

we r photo geek boo yeahhh!

ergh,blur :(


Consider something for lunch?

Die Diery,

"Everything about you is so kiddo"
You always successfully make me feel childish.
Not sure if I shall get mad or what. Annoying,but something bout you is too..not boring.
We're pals,period.
It's hard to say no; however I've really promised myself not to say yes to any offer you make anymore.
Best I can do.

You know..this city is really small. A few coincidences occurred just like that. It has been the second time. Now I start to feel as if I'm trapped in Gossip Girl or whatever movie,everything is about monstrous coincidences collided and boom! Geez.


2012's and result

2012 Resolutions:
*able to pass any exams smoothly especially national exam and university enrollment tests

*find my identity,enroll for right uni,correct major

*get skinnier,shinier skin
=Try again next year.

*be NEAT
=Super fail,try again next year.

*be a better cook
=DONE. I make the best scrambled eggs and cook nicest fried rice,I think.

*get a better job after I graduated
=DONE. Not a better job,but better payment I guess?

*learn how to play music instrument
=Try again next year.

*finish my first diy shirt
=Try again next year.

*not hurting myself anymore
=Can't remember what this meant :/

*and ....

City Tour

Our Anthropology lecturer arranged this trip for us,cool stuff!
Tiring but...yeah a lot of pictures! HAHAHA
Can't expect anything good cs we ended up sweaty and messy.

Start: 09.00 a.m - 08.00 p.m
Taman Buaya

Vihara Gunung Timur



Istana Maimun

Ocean Pacific- Belawan

To be honest,the only place I've ever visited was the temple. Other than that,I got no idea. Istana Maimun is very special though. Adorned with antique ornaments and decorations,felt like taking pics everywhere but we didn't have much time.
Museum was cool too,but something made it so vivid and unattractive. Taman Buaya (Crocodile Field?)...got no interest in vivacious creature. Err,they really need to improve the maintenance to please visitors.
Last,Ocean-Pacific,a nice place after the whole tiring trip but..I prefer beach hahaha.


Good and Bad

Die Diery,

Shopping went fun with Ceha. We also watched Habibie & Ainun at the cinema (an Indonesian movie about B.J. Habibie-Indonesia ex president-and his wife). I guess everybody agrees that it's one great,touching movie. We cried in the cinema. Maybe the producer had guessed that people will cry out loud at the climax and purposely turn up the volume of the background music.

One thing that didn't go well was..I argued with him about sth last night. A real argument,not a cat and dog-teasing-fight. It was my fault..I think. I didn't know how things could turn ugly and tense. I shouldn't have asked him. Now I feel guilty but unwilling to text and apologize.
No,I don't keep feelings for him. We're pals,but..I don't know what to do...
I couldn't sleep well last night. Stayed awake and woke up several times too. Now my head is throbbing,eyes are extremely tired.

Gonna head to see my college pals in the afternoon though. See ya.



Christmas and the Eve

Die Diery,

Thanking God for every god and bad moment in my life,to be with people who are great and nice.
Had fun karaoke and dined super spicy spaghetti at Gaboh. Couldn't feel happier spending the eve with my pals.
Btw I didn't go out so much before Xmas,so..couldn't really feel the joyful feeling. Haven't seen any nice Xmas tree,haven't taken pic with any Xmas trees but one sponsored by Coca Cola company. Not cool enough :(

Well..it didn't go as sweet as it seem after the dinner. Passing the eve by watching the Walking Dead till midnight. Zombies. I super hate them. Maybe this is worth to remember,eve with the zombies. Gotta laugh reading this next Christmas eve I bet.

On Christmas, I went to shop with mom and bought nice apparels and...that shopping temptation won't go away soooo..I asked Ceha to accompany me today,yeay!
Girls' day sounds good these days.

Lots of love,


Awkward day

Die Diery,

Yesterday I went for a lunch with a frienemy.
Well,at first there were just both of us and I was still at ease till his friend joined. Nothing went awry..ok,admit it. I'm always anxious to be around strangers. I know there were just the three of us but I couldn't help staring at my phone all the time,super anxious and felt like an accessory who didn't get what they were talking about. If only somebody could take me away from there,I'd definitely leave.
I even bbm-ed everyone that I could think of in a sec although I knew that the connection was so bad,just to keep myself busy. It was totally awkward.

It got scarier as his world is apparently..different. I mean,they are like..mature party animals with wide social life and I'm like a retarded good introvert girl trying to look into their life. While I hang out with best friends maybe once a month just to catch up and dinner,he'll hang with drinks and a lot of people that he knows nearly everyday. I sensed everything. He's different from me. We're like living in whole different worlds where there's a line that we may not cross. I will never cross the line and I don't think he would ever leave his world. I don't really think we can hang together ...somehow I get eager to know that there's another life behind my menial one. Moreover,to know this kind of person in my life is unexpected.

He's way older than me but I can't sense the maturity he's always talking about. He always says that I'm childish but he doesn't realize that he is too-which always leads to small fights. A mature person in my vision is a successful executive who's mature enough to choose the right choice. But again,his world is like a drug. Once you've tasted it,you'll want more..
I can't drown.



Miss Metta's Wedding

Die Diery,
Btw I haven't told about my boss' wedding on 12.12.12,right?
Ha! It was winter-themed,everything was blue and white..quite a concept! 
We spent time taking lots of pics,but too bad the only pic with the bride n groom was blur :(
Apparently she had been in a relationship for 7 years! :O
It's long lasting,wowww.


May you have a blissful wedding!

Well this was the first time for me to go to a "wedding"-not birthday- party alone. I was invited once to by my colleague but I couldn't attend..
Err..I feel ancient :'(


Saturday Night

Die Diery,

Socialization in campus is moderate. You know you can never find any friends who are as sick as your high school mates!
Gabi,Erni and Filbert had just came back to spend their semester holiday in hometown! Except for Gabi since she was here for few days only and she had even flown back to Yogyakarta this afternoon.
As we only hang out like once in a month,yesterday was counted as the first in December. Some others will be home next week,really looking forward to it *hugs*

So we went for a dinner last night which there was a totally different feeling. Mostly it will just be me,Christine,Larry,Cheli,Nixon,Freddy and sometimes Devani or Cika or Avel. Just the 7 of us seperated by 2 cars,it's slightly quiet and calm. But yesterday there were additional warriors and with them everything was so alive again! So glad that we made it,you know they're all chatty especially Gab,she hasn't changed at all,still excited and fresh hahhaha.

Saturday night..all restaurants, cafes and bistros were crowded. We moved from Harbour9 to Gelato after a long spin bcs it was really full there. We nearly didn't get any parking space,but we managed to have our dinner at 10p.m like finally.....
We spent like 2 hours starving while chit-chatting in the car lol! But it was funnnn! Feel like going back to high school time again :(


To sum it all,it was a superb night with superb pals #muchlove