Healthy advice

Dear girls,
It's just sad not knowing if that somebody you thought you know has mask on.
You thought he was different but he wasn't.
You thought you wouldn't fall then you fell.
You thought he gave cues but he actually didn't.
Nothing is more insulting than that,so far.

If that inevitably ever happened in your life,then you should just move on. Don't wait till you feel defeated. You're much more worthy than you thought you were.
Tell yourself that once he's out,he's out..
No matter what the reason was,whether he left you or you sent him out from your life for good because he made you wait for too long,it's his fault for not keeping up.
You need not to find excuses to wait on nor pass free chances.
It's cold and mean but that's what saves your heart from breaking.
Your real man is out there,why stuck here?
Be strong,girls.
Good luck.

NB:  The truth is,I was not that strong too...

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