To be happy is simple

Die Diery,
Spent my afternoon time with Buddy today!
Yeay,it has been so long since the last time I had time just lazying and watching the sky as the clouds move.
Ehem. I like my routines back at school exams,let go of the previous hectic hours
and just enjoy the show together with Buddy :)
It was so peaceful.
Btw I have just finished my very first mid exam. 
I did my best so..God bless!
I just realized that I'm so easy to please loll.
Actually the exams today were gruesome.
What I studied appeared like only half from all the matters,but..
the quality time with Buddy cheered me up :))
It's great to feel happy,it's great to feel satisfied.

The sky was super nice! Look at the pictures I took. Love them!

Are you sleeping,are you sleeping Buddy boy?


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