Die Diery,

I wish I could read minds or foretell so that I would know what and who to keep away from.
I'm not being defensive because I'm defensive..but I'm just too...yes,defensive.
What's the word again? Can't really think of one.

They said Cancers are just too absorbed and faithful that they can barely move a step after a disastrous relationship or...so-called complicated feeling.
Well,I'm not so sure but I guess that goes to everyone who truly keeps feeling for somebody.
When you naturally fell,the worst feeling in the world would be losing somebody you really care for.
Everybody you care for.

I watched a Korean drama last night,it's scandalous and sad..till a point when the couple divorced. I don't get it why would they do that while they were still so in love with each other..
I got swollen eyes for crying all night watching it hahaha,I can never be an offhand person.

What is it like to halt such feeling? It must be bitter especially when the onerous passion kicks you upside down,or just down.
Perhaps. I've got no idea about this.

To God I pray,let everybody finds their happiness soon and no more broken hearts.

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