Sunday Humdrum

Enrique Iglesias - Finally Found You
Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You
Neon Trees -  Everybody Talks
Fun - Some Nights
Taylor Swift - Begin Again
Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break
Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up


It was a confession!

My teaching schedule today was to help Ms.Maria to handle her Primary 2 students where there was around 12 of them.
The point is,there was a boy who enjoyed teasing me since the first time I taught him and I was like come on,can't I even get respect from a Primary 2?
Lol,and you know what he said when we asked him about the girl he likes or his gf?
He smiled and said that she is the one who's teaching him at the moment.
Ms.Maria and I just stared at him and laughed. "So do you like Ms.Juliana? Yes?",Ms.Maria asked. Okay at last there was only a shy face hahaha.
Frankly speaking,that was just a very sweet and cute confession from a little boy who maybe watched TV a lot at home :D
Hahaha,so was that little boy trying to say that I was his gf or sth? :p
Teaching younger children slightly gives me energy.
As an easily satisfied person,that just made my day :))



I can't decide whether you were a good person or not. Well God knows I'm not good in choosing.
My old friend once said "All good things go to those who wait" ,then shall I wait till everything fades away?

Gath Day with KMB USU

Die Diery,

So it was a great gathering day we spent last Saturday to Sunday. My team was quite nice and cooperative that we made the best team (Y)
I must say that I was glad to have Larry and Sharen with me which made me feel less awkward LOL
Water-tracking for the first time was memorable yet shameful x.x
I'm so so thankful for those who took care of me :))
I felt like the weakest and lamest in team aaaaa
My testimony is: awesome though I've to admit that it was really really exhausting,for me -______-
We had many experiences together,the committee successfully brought the event to end.
Nevertheless,one and half day wasn't enough. I want more haha! *not realizing own capability*



Die Diery,

The D-day ran pretty well and exhausting. I'm not gonna share details now cs I'm done with editing lol.
With our simplest concept,we did hope that it was good enough though I haven't got any feedback yet.
Btw,ehmm seniors and alumnus who came weren't as many as we thought before. Well,never mind. Well,well...never..mind....*sob in the corner*
Basically it was a simple gathering with seniors and alumnus,listening to their life experiences in psychology field...just like what I read about basic psychology and applied psychology stuffs.
It was nice and inspiring though :)
In conclusion,organizing an event might be one of the most neck-craning task but we tried our best and thanks God it's over :))