Die Diery,

Finally uni life starts...
I can't express how nervous I was on the first day.
I arrived an hour earlier to anticipate congestion,tried my best to smile and greet everyone I saw and sat at the lobby alone with pairs of eyes looking at me. Worse,pending bbm and sms.
But so far,the classes are still fine :))
Real classes haven't started yet so..I'm trying to get used to it.
This semester,I get 3 classes which start at 4pm and end at 6. This is an disadvantage for me bcs I've to teach in the evening -_________-
Yesterday the class ended at 5.30 but dad wasn't able to fetch me :(
Luckily there was Nuovi,my new classmate who was willing to send me home.
Ahhh,so thankful Nuovi!

Today I had English lesson at 10 in the morning and another Anthropology lesson at 4.
The four-hour-waiting time was quite boring. I spent time walking around faculty with another friend,Melinda,and always end up in the canteen then..eat. hahhaha.
I also met many seniors whom I've never seen in person before.
They're cool and nice,but I just couldn't find my way there. God.....
First assignment,introduce myself to my Anthropology professor,Mr.Toto, through e-mail!
Aye Sir!


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