Second Week

Die Diery,

Philosophy is a very mind-boggling subject,I must say.
Philosopher knows no boundary in his massive knowledge....
I got an assignment on the first meeting about Philosophy of Humanism. I read about it but I didn't get it. It put me in a huff :(
In contrast,I like Anthropology. So far,our lecturer is nice and he shares common yet interesting knowledge.
Today,he talked about many things from Stone Age to Religion to Ethnic. He told us about Chinese stuffs. Glad to know that he's one of those people who still look up on others' races. The way he talks is more or less like my grandpa! I mean,the way grandpa tells us about Chinese ethnic thousand years ago or his past. He's always up for a touching story about our ethnic and himself. Put my hat off for him <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

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