Lonely and insecure

Die Diery,

I kinda miss my high school besties. I almost forget the fun of calling one another with silly nicknames,taking pictures with them and eating at the canteen together.
Karaoke and movie times are best.
Although I've already known some friends here but honestly it still feels so hard to stand among them with my far from relax-face.
Even harder to unveil my own weaknesses without the dread of labels. Most people see flaws without knowing the processes of what somebody has been through. That's why starting over is never easy to do.

Luckily some of them,including seniors are so nice to me. *hug* #love
Let nature does its part and I do mine. 


All is well

I'm not saying that tomorrow's gonna be big,but I do hope that everything runs well.
I have slight difficulty in controlling my nervousness, dear :(


Second Week

Die Diery,

Philosophy is a very mind-boggling subject,I must say.
Philosopher knows no boundary in his massive knowledge....
I got an assignment on the first meeting about Philosophy of Humanism. I read about it but I didn't get it. It put me in a huff :(
In contrast,I like Anthropology. So far,our lecturer is nice and he shares common yet interesting knowledge.
Today,he talked about many things from Stone Age to Religion to Ethnic. He told us about Chinese stuffs. Glad to know that he's one of those people who still look up on others' races. The way he talks is more or less like my grandpa! I mean,the way grandpa tells us about Chinese ethnic thousand years ago or his past. He's always up for a touching story about our ethnic and himself. Put my hat off for him <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">


Silaturahmi Bersama ψ

2012 cakes stand

isn't our campus awesome?

Sept 6th,2012
photos: me and bang Andi Hazri Hasibuan (Satukan Hati Untuk Psikologi USU,fb group)





Die Diery,

Finally uni life starts...
I can't express how nervous I was on the first day.
I arrived an hour earlier to anticipate congestion,tried my best to smile and greet everyone I saw and sat at the lobby alone with pairs of eyes looking at me. Worse,pending bbm and sms.
But so far,the classes are still fine :))
Real classes haven't started yet so..I'm trying to get used to it.
This semester,I get 3 classes which start at 4pm and end at 6. This is an disadvantage for me bcs I've to teach in the evening -_________-
Yesterday the class ended at 5.30 but dad wasn't able to fetch me :(
Luckily there was Nuovi,my new classmate who was willing to send me home.
Ahhh,so thankful Nuovi!

Today I had English lesson at 10 in the morning and another Anthropology lesson at 4.
The four-hour-waiting time was quite boring. I spent time walking around faculty with another friend,Melinda,and always end up in the canteen then..eat. hahhaha.
I also met many seniors whom I've never seen in person before.
They're cool and nice,but I just couldn't find my way there. God.....
First assignment,introduce myself to my Anthropology professor,Mr.Toto, through e-mail!
Aye Sir!



This super quiet Saturday night is killing me....

Kampung Ladang

my mom is cool!

This place is called "Kampung Ladang Outbound"
It's one of the places use by people who want to take pre-wedding pictures in town or do outdoor activities.
Unfortunately,it is quite far from Medan (around 1 hour) and there are only few activities we can do beside of taking pictures.
Actually I expected that it would be more village style or natural one :p
Overall nice :)

Miss Hesitate

I'm frantic with worry whenever I'm with new people.
There are words that I want to say but they aren't coming out.
I'm too frenzied with my surrounding that I don't know if I should talk.
It makes me feel so so so hard to jump into the circles.
I strain to get it,but the more I try,the less worthy I feel.
I know I deserve more.

There are some nice friends but I just don't know how to speak and behave around.
Technically speaking,I wish I were invisible.
I get confuse between 2 choices. To say this or not,to ask that or not, and so on I am always ending up with "not".
I wish for a self-confident trait right nowwwwww.
Arghhhhh,help? :(