Sun Day

Quick shopping after a hectic day was really refreshing.
And mom was actually the best company <3 p="p">
First of all,we hunted for some outfits for me to be worn on the orientation day. Then..another apparels again and again hahaha.
Sadly,I've gained some weights...disastrous!
There weren't any bags or shoes that caught my eyes yet hmm,but shoes did catch mom's.
Finally we encountered The Body Shop. Today is the last day of the "buy 3 get 1 free"-day plus pretty bottles of perfumes were there asking us to pick them home.
They were Sun Fresh,Sun Kiss and Sun Glow. The limited edition of Dreams Unlimited,Love Etc Unlimited and White Musk.
No need second thought but we just bought 3 of them!
Mom and I do have the same interest in fragrance. Lucky for us because these perfumes are very freshening and just lovely!
OK,it was too much but I couldn't help myself being satisfied with our best-buys today :D
I still prefer Dreams - Sun Fresh 
Edition Limitee

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