POMB 2012

What is POMB?
POMB (Pekan Orientasi Mahasiswa Baru) is an orientation for incoming students or freshmen like me ;)
Of course people know how orientation in our university goes every year. It's quite different from another university's orientation. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
In my opinion our faculty's orientation was exactly like what I thought before. Not over cruel and still educative. Maybe better than others!

A glance about POMB Faculty of Psychology 2012
I would like to share my whole 3 days story but I'm not in a very good state right now so let's put it off first :)

During these 3 days,we were given many tasks to do such as  find our POMB committees' data or make our own attribute to be worn on the second and third day of orientation.
We must arrive at 6 a.m every morning and go home around 5.30 p.m in the evening. Late = squat jump 50x
Plus we had to buy everything that our seniors asked us to bring in the evening--sometimes I couldn't find several things.
We were given different menus for lunch everyday too. Mom had to help me with everything and I'm really thankful for having her by my side. Thanks God for this happened to me,I never regret one moment of the orientation since it brought me to the transition phase from being a student to a freshman,except for making mom woke up early at 4 a.m just to tie my hair into 12 ponytails and accompanied me everywhere to look for things. Dad too,he woke up early just to send me there at 5 a.m :') They are my heroes!

Good things are we were introduced to most seniors and there were always matters from deans or campus organizations. Very educative :D


Above those bitterness,I could feel warmth in them.
They might be fierce and strict,but I believe that they did it it for our sake. Orientation in our faculty has manners,seniors didn't simply give us unreasonable tasks and punishments. Thus, all the matters were related to our daily campus-life. For example: we were not allowed to be late because discipline is very important. Our professors are very strict and they don't tolerate lateness.
We were asked to do presentations because it is one of many things we will do in class.
Tasks which kept us awake till 3 a.m in the morning were to show us that we will have the same or even more amount of work to do in the upcoming classes.
We were taught morale lessons,discipline and etiquette.
Etiquette means 3S(senyum,salam,sapa) or smile and greet everyone we know in our faculty,even staffs. Never look down on anyone.

Seniors are actually very kind and they really care about us. Although they shouted at us a lot but it was also because of our own fault.
Lack of sleep really annoyed me. And my feet's condition is still not so well but I managed to stand and run and do squat jumps.
Mentally challenged but I think I was strong enough,I didn't cry at all just because of their gruesome voice. Only once on the closing ceremony day as I felt really relieved for making the committees feel happy and appreciated..And because it was finally over and..the song we sang was quite sad hahhaha.
One thing: this orientation makes me feel closer with my new friends and seniors. All of us were still very shy to sing and dance "gong gale gong" on the first day but not anymore :D

Honestly,it's still hard for me to memorize people's  faces and names.
No matter what I must try my best to compel rules and try to be closer with all friends and seniors,be nice and diligent. And upgrade my very poor public speaking skills.
I had never had guts to talk :(

That's all I can tell today,will continue again soon.


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