My Melly

Die Diery,
Since few months ago,Melly has been kept on the first floor and not allowed to come upstairs.
Kinda miss her being around...that girl used to sleep in front of my room,welcome me home by sitting with me on the sofa and act like a spoilsport,be the first 'thing' that come for food..she's everywhere.
As I can't see her very often upstairs,I love to free her in the afternoon and just watch her as she fools around chasing bicycles or motorcycles hahaha.
I know how much she misses being on the second or third floor,she used to accompany grandma when nobody was home.
I feel peace when I'm with her.

I'm scared.
She has cancer. Breast cancer.
It has been over a year and I don't know what to do.
I've browsed about it but I'm not brave enough to take her to the vet.
I don't want to hear things that I don't want to hear,I don't want to treat her like a sufferer.
I might have been selfish but the only thing I can do is pray...

My tears rolled down my cheeks when I was sitting with her just now.
Peace is..to touch and talk to her..well,I always treat her as my little baby..for the past 7 years.
I've heard that persons who suffer from cancer feel really painful. 
She,with the same expression,is still very active and mischievous. Nobody knows how much pain she has. She can't tell.
Mell,sorry I can't take away the pain or at least ease it.
My heart hurts,too.
 Long live Melly  :*

Melly is chasing a pedicab!


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