D for Diary

Die Diery,

University must be fun!
That's what I'm expecting right now.
I can't stand these mundane activities anymore...I hope I won't take back my words later on haha!
Btw I went to a kind of community last Sunday,it's a community for us who go to the same uni. I met some people whom I might or might not have seen because most of us went to the same school.
I met my seniors too..I must admit that they are kind,they made a great first impression.
Also some new friends -in this case,some means only 3-who are really nice.
I really hope that I could get along with them and get used to this new circle asap :))
I know that it won't be easy to get there,still I have to kill this over-hesitate feeling of mine ._.
Spell the mantra please: I get better and happier each day :)

Then from that meeting,I went to Sun Plaza with Ceha. Just the two of us spending hours talking like mads,moving from one cafe to another. LOL,it was fun though.
I've missed my girls already :(
Family bbq for dinner yay!

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