What do you call this feeling?

Die Diery,

Have you ever decided to give up on something?
How did you feel?
Lighter? Happier? Free?
Burdened? Pierced? Hollow?

With all my might,I decided to walk away.
Not important at all,but I just couldn't help myself feeling blue 'bout it.
The fact that it is a right decision is torturing me.

Do you believe in fate?
What if fate brings you here?
What if it is fate to choose the wrong decision?
We're given choices,and every choice leads to a different fate.
Why am I so dramatic btw?

I just need to wait for another two months. It won't last longer than four months,they said.
Maybe,just maybe this feeling would disappear.
What I really need now is somebody to distract me from this.
Or should I wait till September to get myself busy as soon as I enter uni?

Rain rain go away,come again another day.

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