OFFICIALLY 18th,still a young heart though ;)

Die Diery,

I feel so grateful for everything that nature has given to me. I can't stop thanking every day. Whether good or bad times,they are processes which make me who I am today.
I know that I had made countless mistakes and I'm lack of experiences. But I'm maturing,even since last year! HAHA! And I'll keep growing my heart,not physically of course,to be a more independent and down-to-earth Lady :p 
It's still a long way to go,there are still so much unidentified experiences out there that's why I've to have a big heart.
I have already had a mission! lol

This year's birthday was really special!
Not only because most of my besties came for a sweet yet somewhat failed surprise today,but also my teaching colleagues :D
Asoi,Ceha,Pinle,Gege,Larry,Pramono,Awi and Cheli were the persons who came this morning,bringing a cake,right before I went out.
They have never made surprises right! But that is their epic-ness <3
I even got a pretty hot pink summer hat! And I loveeee it.
Having you guys by my side is the best gift already!

Then,I went to University of North Sumatera with Ceha for a re-registration. I didn't know that my friends from Pucca wanted to give me a surprise with a cake too *yes of course I didn't now*.
They came like an hour before I came home and leave after ringing the bell for like half an hour!
I'm sorry for making you guys wait,but still very thankful!
Those thoughtful friends are Ms.Shella,Lolita,Sherly and Henny.
It's still awkward for me to address them with their names only since I'm younger but actually we're still in a range of peers.
I don't want to feel like a small fry around them and luckily they've never treated me as one. I can't remember how but we've been close for the past 2 or 3 months and they're actually very nice {}
With them,I don't feel like a stranger anymore :)

#nowplaying Glad You Came
Special thanks to all of you who came today,plus Gabi and Pretti oppa and others who couldn't join and everybody who greeted by messages or tweets. You guys rock!

#nowplaying Forever Young
I didn't think I'd enjoy today that much bcs I'm to scared to be old hahaha
You know,when you're 18,and you enter a chat room,well only 17s are there.
If you're lucky,you'll find some 19s ,more 21s-24s.
I wanna be forever young :p
18th is the first step of my self-maturing stairs.

Wishes? I have infinite wishes which is why I always keep on wishing every day haha,whatever they are,I'll summarize them into:
*Have an awesome future
*Do extra well in university,get nice new friends
*May my family and Mel and Bud be healthy,happy and long lives!
*Be able to handle every single problems well
*NOT a passive communicator anymore x.x
*Be nicer,happier,livelier,smarter,cuter lol :p
*No wrinkles+be slimmer-as everybody wishes me to -i am not fat-
*to be continue......
from my lovely Hottests 143




from S L S H :D

Thanks again guyssss #muchlove!

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