i miss high school

Die Diery,

I miss them,I miss high school.
I miss having fun,laughing at them,telling silly jokes.
I miss hanging out,singing together,taking pictures randomly.

Here are some scribbles my beloved friends wrote for me.
For now,I only posted writings from them who had or about to move from hometown :(
I'll super miss Gabi,Pinle and Asoi.
We're gonna be besties as always,aren't we?

Good luck for you too King! Stay who you are!
I know you won't fail,you're an artist! See you again :D

Pinleee,I'm gonna miss you so damn much,be a successful dentist!

You're gonna be a cute doctor who loves TVXQ Gab! I'll miss you T__T

Pursue your goal too Lia! I WILL be NEAT hehehe

This isn't a goodbye and never is! See you in Singapore, NTU engineering student :p
Merci for your writings <3
*ps only readable writings and nice ones are posted ;p


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