Die Diery,

Unexpectedly,my students made a surprise for me last Friday :p
They're really cute hahaha!
With such an obvious surprise,they turned off the light and violently pushed me to the corner of the room.
What the...
Such lovely students,I've just taught them for 6 months and I even shouted a lot haha!
I'm not a patient "woman" -__-
Well,it's good to know that they love me,since one of my friends said students had never done that before
Above all,they're my very first students when I first entered,I love them as much as they do.
That's why you guys have to achieve high score! HAHA! *evil*
Hmm,they're teens and 'bout to be adolescents already,so sometimes they treat me like their friend or sister.
Well I just have to bare it...being teased...everywhere? Even by my own students? :'(

Haha,anyway it was a really great feeling deep in my heart (:
Even though Raymond and Erica couldn't join but still...
Thank youuuuuu <3


with Sherlie


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