Sigh I simply can't stand another week doing nothing anymore.
Umm,it isn't like I really did nothin..for the first three days, fair enough with some new cyber friends, then I realized that I need to rush my gossip girl heat since the fifth season is finally completed and,I am still on the fourth now :p
Oh well I think radiation just got in my head,I feel terrible now -_- laptop for 12 hours non-stop?
It's 12 am and happened to be a down pour,let's conclude the day,au revoir.



Well,I'm back for good :)
A few days thinking 'bout this and that and stuffs plus exfoliating massage had really helped me a lot.

People must have known her,Regina Ivanova,a new rising star from Indonesian Idol.
She's really cool. Anway if you happened to see this,check her out on Youtube when she sang Making Love Out of Nothing At All - Air Supply featuring Judika. Wish her good luck for the grand final!

1. Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not - Thompson Square
2. Making Love Out of Nothing At All - Air Supply
3. When I See You Smile - Bad English
4. Spacebound - Eminem
5. Come Back to Me Again - Kim Jong Kook ft. Gary

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#nowplaying Thank You For the Broken Heart

Should I leave or stay?
I feel so broken as I keep on falling.
That person once woke me up from my misery;
and tore me down before I could heal myself.

Although I know that there are people who have the same,or even worse thing happening in their lives, I still can't stop asking myself,"What should I do now?"

Oh Dear,isn't it too early to give up on things?

Lifeless. *smh*


Now that I've seen the fact,I guess I need not to continue in believing my own feeling.
Why did I think too much of it? I knew it.
What should I do to heal myself then?
I hope it was nothing,but I truly missed...
Wah...it has been a long long time since the last time I felt this kind of feeling.
Nobody's fault. Just,don't believe in hunch too much.
Well,it's better to know sooner right?

I need a VACATION,I need to stick back those pieces.
Silly girl.


Grandparent's loves

Die Diery,

I know that my grandparents love me very much,but,I've never imagined how much their loves is towards me because the only thing that was embedded in my mind was parents' loves.

Last week,I had some quality-time with grandpa and grandma during the black out--to which I feel thankful--we talked about our memorandum in old times : how I was spoiled by them;the way I talked that time; and so on.
I was incredibly touched,remembering they were people who raised me when my parents weren't around.
We live under the same roof,but as time passed,everything has changed,I've pretty much....changed. I'm no longer their pretty baby who wanted them all the time. Deep in their heart,they must be really sad.
That small talk changed my mind. I don't want to be sorry for anything,so I'll change,I'll be a better granddaughter. I'm so thankful that they're still here,by my side and that I still have time to please them.

Last night,I gave something to grandma,and I was satisfied just by looking at her smiling in seconds. It can't be explained by words. I was pleased bcs I could give her something from my own hard work and perspire. Today,she specially cooked my favorite meal. I knew it. She loves me that much,so does grandpa <3