Keep smiling!

Die Diery,

The world war III between me and my beloved "her" was over on the next morning after those silly arguments.
Thanks God,I couldn't stand the awkwardness for a sec and I'll never want to feel it no more.

Back to report that I'm very glad that my relationship with other teachers at the place where I'm teaching is getting better and better. So if I thought I would have nothing to lose there then,it's wrong.
Students are gonna have their exam really soon,it means I'll have to be extra strict in order to maintain their score. But honestly,I do feel that students feel bored from day to day simply bcs they've to learn the same thing over and over again. I personally don't want to push them too hard cs I was a student too,and I clearly understand what kind of boredom they're feeling.
No matter what,I hope they'd be able to do their best *fighting*!

On the other side,it's surprising to know that I haven't been to school for a month,and when the Hottest said that we'll meet again on 26th at school,it somewhat made my day!
See you hearts! :)


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