Die Diery,

It's only 12 days to the university enrollment examination. The only thing that I'm worrying is my unworried mind. It's not that I'm not worrying about that at all,but I just don't want to push myself too hard because I'm afraid of the result. I haven't changed at all.
But honestly,whenever I encounter my friends who have the same destination with me,I feel a bit burdened by their spirit and hard work.
It makes me feel guilty for not studying as hard as they do,as serious as they do. I'm neither smart nor lazy. I simply can't force myself to do that. I still study though,just not with that freaksome spirit. Nevertheless,I wish I could own that energy for myself.
But if you think I got no spirit and will,you're wrong. I will still thrive but I think I'll just take it lightly.  As you know I'm not jobless,as those mentors said,I have responsibility too but I'll still struggle for that one seat.

God,show me the way please _/\_

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