To be continued

National Examination is finally over. Yes,it's over. So is our high school time.
It felt like,it was just last year,when I entered Junior High School level,I wondered when would I ever graduate,it was just a couple months ago when I told myself not to worry about university yet,and it was just yesterday when I started cramming like a freak. Starting from now on,I'm a fresh graduate to be.
I feel so free as bird bcs I don't have to go to school,worry about assignments,homework,quizzes,etc.
On the other hand,I feel so blue bcs I won't be doing something I've done since 12 years ago--school,friends,gossips,papers,recess,teachers,etc-- now I realize that going to school has become a habit for me,and maybe for others.
Whatever the alumnus said were true,now it's not even started yet,but I feel like I've lost something really precious.
Not only my friends,but also,I'll miss every corner of school. I don't want to forget anything,I wish I could back up my brain and store it,bcs I know that one day,I'll forget it. That's why,on the last day of school,I took so many great pictures with my classmates,I even took picture of my class and the school corridor.
I don't want to aggravate the situation but like the usual me,I'm too scared to leave my comfort zone.
The next phase of my life will commence in no time. New place,new friends,new canteen and even new lavatories lol
No more teachers,now we have lecturers,no uniform,no directions,you've to catch up by yourself.
We said school life's inferno,we said it's hard,we hate it,but now life will even be more burdensome.
This four-months  idle is just a break time,to be continued to the new chapter..................
Enjoy and live it.

But now that I've a job,I start to think that sooner or later I've to learn to pay domestic bills by my own and so on. My principle remains the same,since I was 10 till now,be independent.

Soon,I've to enter uni but I haven't agree with my own choice. Arghhh,what should I do...........?

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