On the last day of school,April 11,we took a lot of pictures together,I didn't miss the chance to take pictures with the Hotters. Even with some people that aren't close to me,with some people that I seldom talk to,I don't want to forget their faces even though they might have minor role in my daily life,but that's not so true. In fact,they play big because they are the people that I see everyday. 
I hate waking up in the morning to rush going to school,but I'll miss it somehow.
I'm gonna miss every bit of high school. We are as a herd of lambs which are freed to leave by ourselves,we're freed to survive against nature.
I had my classmates write my diary,unfortunately,it wasn't completed yet :(
I'll scan it and post testimonies for them soon.
Hug guysss <3
You're my H.O.T family,I wish the best for your future!
computer lab

most absurd picture lolll

never talked to him :s

deskmate for 3 years

can we act this silly again?

H.O.T and Avant Garde are friends :D

omoo,cika's eyes :O

with Wassap

Bye High School

PS. To junior high schoolers,treasure your time with the people you love,make it count :)


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