HOTshoot (pictures)

Photograph by Jee

Be friend?

Die Diery,

Anyone knows how to make friends?
I have no idea how did I ever talk with my friends since a long long time ago.
Whenever I think about my future life,uni or job,I'm surefire that it will be very hard to make friends with them.
Now I realize that I'm quite a passive comer  D:
This is a crisis.
After being in Pucca for 3,5 months,to be honest,I haven't entirely known my peers. I mean,we seldom talk other than about our students.
I have a class to teach every Sunday morning and yesterday,the awkward moment happened again.
Nobody was there except a teacher whom I seldom meet or talk to. Oh well,I must have arrived too early.
No matter what,the atmosphere was extremely strange and uncomfortable.
I wanted to break the ice but..omg you know how I felt,don't you?
After successfully passed those silly 30 minutes,I felt so great!
In the afternoon,I had lunch with other teachers.
They chit-chatted comfortably and I..ate silently. Even though I had joined their convo,but still I couldn't feel close to them.
Dearrrrr,I had always imagined that my future boyfriend might be my colleague at my office. How could I ever be friend with anybody if I myself couldn't adapt well?

Anyway H.O.T Class' inauguration party was awesome and it was a big success.
With the theme H.O.T Class Musical,everything went fabulous <3

Emmmm,have I told you about what happened to me last 3 days?
I was  sick,I caught a flu and I felt really really sick.
I was even voiceless as the sore throat I suffered was terrible,while I had to sing for the inauguration party.
After considering here and there,I decided to stay at school till the end of morning class and went home to take a deep sleep and good rest,which means skipping afternoon class.
So I went home and directly sleep but as soon as I woke up,  I was so shocked as I read a message from Maria which said that 'we' were caught red-handed by the vice principal for playing truant. Apparently (including me)14 people didn't enter the afternoon class.
I couldn't face the darnedest but still,I've got to be punished even though I was 100% honest about my sickness.
The next day,we: KW,Larry,Awi,Tipent,Pretti,Asoi,Gabi,Ceha,Silviana,Pinle,Erni and I were scolded in the middle of the school field. Lucky for those who didn't come. What a great high school memory :s

Goodnight dear



Die Diery,

What a day!
The HOT members gathered to take pictures together. It took approximately 2 hours.
One word,tired.
I drove for around one hour to get there!
After the first session,it suddenly rained so we waited till the rain stopped and continue with the second,third,forth and so on
I hope my swollen-eyes are not too obvious since..I cried yesterday.
It wasn't something ominous hahhaa,this silly girl~

Gosh,HOT members,loveee!


What if what I felt was true? What if you don't love me anymore?


1.Thank You For the Broken Heart - J.Rice
2.Down - JJ Lin
3.It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
4.Beautiful in White - Shayne Ward
5.Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert
6.I Think She Likes Me - Jesse McCartney
7.Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne
8.Raise Your Hand - Javier Colon
9.I Don't Normally Do This - Jesse McCartney

Ehem,I've no idea why I haven't listened to any love songs except Beautiful in White. Lol,no love feelings even for the month of loves.
Actually Down has been like ages,but as I randomly played it,I fell for it again.
Same here for Wish You Were Here, which is so last year,but people started the trend again and I will never get enough of her charm! Avril rocks!
Just knew about J.Rice's TYFBH,cool! and Adam Lambert's BTIKM was fresh last week but I didn't have the time to post about his attempt showing the dark side of himself.
Some songs are quite catchy from Jesse McCartney's album,Have It All,let's say I Think She Likes Me
Waiting for Joseph Vincent's S.A.D!