Not a crybaby

Die Diery,

Imissyou darla!

I have no idea what happened to me,but yeah it was...embarrassing.
Even the hardest rock has weak points right?
And you threw the dart right there.
Well well,it wasn't because of those hackneyed phrases but if they realized,they might have said something nobody wants to hear,at least for me. It raised my hackles.
They are my friends,the ones who make me laugh and..cry.
If I could hold it for at least 1 hour,I would just forget that but sigh,apparently biting lips isn't effective for holding tears. But I'm a young adult,I've gotta be the hardest rock without weak points. That's true.
Tsk,I felt like I was just making a fool of myself when I started to cry,that's why the tears won't stop. It was actually nothing to be saddened about. No worries :)

Maybe it was my fault taking thing so seriously atm,I just..couldn't help it.
I just hope that everything won't be awkward bcs I'm feeling uneasy about it T_T

I'm not a crybaby.

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