New Year Resolutions

I bet this gonna be a tough year but I won't give up.
I'm still groping in the dark searching for my passion in something that I can't find just yet.
Everything looks amusing but I'm too scared to make a choice for my future.
It makes me feel like a rattlebrained person :(
Everybody I know has their aims set perfectly,or at least know what they are facing.
While I'm just muddling along with them,not knowing where I'm heading to.
This is a pungent matter I'm having and I need a hand.
I think I have a keen interest in hospitality major,or something related to tourism.
I'll just have to find info abt that. Fashion design is not possible for me. Even though so,one day I'll have my own line. That's my goal.
I'm also considering in taking test to enroll in public university. But the majors they offer are not interesting at all.

*able to pass any exams smoothly especially national exam and university enrollment tests

*find my identity,enroll for right uni,correct major

*get skinnier,shinier skin

*be NEAT

*be a better cook

*get a better job after I graduated

*learn how to play music instrument

*finish my first diy shirt

*not hurting myself anymore

*and ....

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