Gong Xi,Gong Xi

 Happy Birthday Yeye!

surprise for grandpa early in the morning

helped mom with cornflakes

cny's eve dinner + celebrating grandpa's bday

flying lantern <3

                                            mine                                bro's absurd writing on the lantern

while watching fireworks!

finally the D-day
cny cake :) (not a tradition)

after we visited relative's homes,we went to 3 temples

The next day we went to Brastagi and stayed at Mikie 
bcs my bro kept pleading to go.
Besides we don't have so many relatives to visit.

dragon dance

God of Money

And finally home!
Spending the rest days serving guests :/

Not a crybaby

Die Diery,

Imissyou darla!

I have no idea what happened to me,but yeah it was...embarrassing.
Even the hardest rock has weak points right?
And you threw the dart right there.
Well well,it wasn't because of those hackneyed phrases but if they realized,they might have said something nobody wants to hear,at least for me. It raised my hackles.
They are my friends,the ones who make me laugh and..cry.
If I could hold it for at least 1 hour,I would just forget that but sigh,apparently biting lips isn't effective for holding tears. But I'm a young adult,I've gotta be the hardest rock without weak points. That's true.
Tsk,I felt like I was just making a fool of myself when I started to cry,that's why the tears won't stop. It was actually nothing to be saddened about. No worries :)

Maybe it was my fault taking thing so seriously atm,I just..couldn't help it.
I just hope that everything won't be awkward bcs I'm feeling uneasy about it T_T

I'm not a crybaby.


New Year Resolutions

I bet this gonna be a tough year but I won't give up.
I'm still groping in the dark searching for my passion in something that I can't find just yet.
Everything looks amusing but I'm too scared to make a choice for my future.
It makes me feel like a rattlebrained person :(
Everybody I know has their aims set perfectly,or at least know what they are facing.
While I'm just muddling along with them,not knowing where I'm heading to.
This is a pungent matter I'm having and I need a hand.
I think I have a keen interest in hospitality major,or something related to tourism.
I'll just have to find info abt that. Fashion design is not possible for me. Even though so,one day I'll have my own line. That's my goal.
I'm also considering in taking test to enroll in public university. But the majors they offer are not interesting at all.

*able to pass any exams smoothly especially national exam and university enrollment tests

*find my identity,enroll for right uni,correct major

*get skinnier,shinier skin

*be NEAT

*be a better cook

*get a better job after I graduated

*learn how to play music instrument

*finish my first diy shirt

*not hurting myself anymore

*and ....



Say hi to new year!
Old n New barbecue with the Hottest was so much fun and we were so excited with it.
Thanks guys for the unforgettable 4d3n trip!
I only post few pics for the New Year's eve.
A lot more are lining behind ;)


     New Year euphoria?

love you as always