Christmas Break

Hello ho-li-day
Lalallaaaa,how I love my life.
If only we didn't have to study for exams,that would be a lot better haha!
Anyway,it's over. Last exam for 2011 and the rest are lining in 2012!
This semester exam had seized all my mind that I almost forgot about Christmas.
Well,I was flabbergasted bcs time flies faster than birds in flight.

I have no idea what to do during this short holiday..maybe I'll clean my super-duper-messy-room,tidy my really-unorganized-shelf and..see what I can do to my wardrobe.
Christmas is 3 days from now,I recall that last year I spent my Christmas break with the girls and it was cool.
What about this year?

How I love Christmas songs,outfits,decorations...this feeling is just right.
Christmas,Christmas come to mamaaaa <3

One week from now,I'm going to have another Brastagi trip with the HOTTEST.
Hehehe,I can't wait,so eggzaited!!
Here comes comfy wears,do not expect nice pics bcs it's all about fun,fun,fun :D

Aaa,I have so much to telllllll *hysteric*
Umm,my part-time job.. Next year,I'll enter the 3rd month!!
I'm glad that I'm used to this job pretty quickly,it's just..I hate how the system works.
There are times when I have to substitute other teachers whose students I had never taught before.
If they're good,no problem. What if they're not?
Some of them have flagrant behaviors,some like gnawing at their friends,some might not be quick-witted.
I can tolerate that,BUT not this one.
Last Monday I met this senior high school student. He behaved obnoxiously.
'If he has no interest in learning,why bother come here?',it was the first thing appeared in my mind.
My boss had warned me about him and asked me to be as strict as possible and I did. Unfortunately,he didn't care.
He's a senior student,and if he can't change himself,nobody can. Yes,except he's a primary or junior.
Learning a language is about enthusiasm and flair,that's what I think.

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