Sorry Darls :(

Die Diery,

Bad news..
Mom gave Hachi away to her friend. I can't say anything cs they said  he's too naughty that dad can't stand him anymore. It's better to give him away to other ppl who'd love him more..rather than seeing him being scolded by dad everyday.
Sorry dear :'(
I will visit you for sure. Sorry,we can't take care of you anymore,sorry..sorry.

While Melly,she has been grounded for days. She isn't free to move around in the house anymore bcs she sheds too much fur.
I don't know why but everything felt so weird now. I hate how they treated them as pets,especially Melly who is not troublesome at all. We have been together for 6 years and now she has to be in a room with grandad's love birds??
Dear God,how can I possibly save all the stray dogs in the world if I can't even help my own's?
Sorry Mell,your cie2 is such a bad owner.

#backsound With Arms Wide Open - Creed

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