Die Diery,

Finally,Students' Day *oops Teachers' Day is here!
This is us students' favorite day of the year :D
Why? Because teachers will be the audiences for shows made for them,while we can have a lot of fun by ourselves taking pictures with teachers or..just us.
And,horror movie is a great choice to watch even with a projector. *yeay

Our choir class has to perform tomorrow and it means I might miss 'some' fun with my classmates :(
I've been so busy preparing for the 3-4 mins choir performance that I can't help much for tomorrow's surprise.

I only gave 2 suggestions that hopefully will work tomorrow.
One,the birthday hat for our form teacher, MANAEK NABABAN.
Two,not sure yet.

This is so special bcs  this is our last year at school,our last teachers' day at school! I don't wanna miss a sec of it.
Guys don't start without me pleaseee or I'll CRY horribly :'(

At last,we found a suitable name for our class.
H.O.T Class! *clap hands* It stands for Humorous.Original.Talented Class.
Nothing special about that,we,the members are special aaaaa
I sounded like a saleswoman just now -_- hahaha
Yeah man,our class had got a name,at last.
So proud to be with the Science-3s <3

The flower board was ordered by Ceha,cakes by Pinle n Devani,gifts for our ex-form-teachers by Jeje n friends,ribbons for the girls tomorrow by Cika. Me? Haha,I was the one who chose the birthday hat *please appreciate -__-
Lol,not only that,I did help with H.O.T's uniform shirts n jackets too.
And we've got a plan to do Brastagi Trip part II :))

This is quite a post,I'll even post a longer one tomorrow ahaha

white dress,black heels,red ribbon

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