Die Diery,

Yeayy,I did remade cupcakes on Sunday and luckily it turned out edible LOL
But the most absurd thing ever was....I made the exact cupcake again yesterday but I over-baked it -__-
So I made it again just now,I hope it won't be disappointing because I'm going to give them to my friends.
Dear cupcakes,better be good :)

people thought the whip cream melted,but it was not! I put raspberry yogurt on it and it was realllly good <3

B-t-w,I got my first part-time job yesterdayyyy and I've just started today.
Hmmm,being a teacher for the first day...(an English teacher to be precise),it is not a big school but that's ok for a newcomer like me. I don't know what to say..I'm not really used to it but I'll try my best.

P.S: Hadn't talked to you for days and I feel kinda gloomy,I need someone to talk to :(


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