Miss J

Hola adios!

Hoho apparently working/teaching is not as easy as what I thought. Me,who used to arrive late,as a student,has to manage myself to arrive 5 minutes earlier before 'my' class starts,and what about those minutes wasted as I was waiting for my students?

Despite my busy activity which makes me unable to have 'fun' with my free time anymore,working helps me  realize that I need to think in a more mature way.
It aids me in building responsibility,ability to stick with rules and patience. Nevertheless,the course is actually far from my expectation because it's nothing like my English tuition at ESL where the classes are classified. Here,we have students with vary levels in one class and it's hard to handle all of them at once.
Yes,of course I'll have to deal with many students with different basics,backgrounds and behaviors but it is quite challenging. I'm forced to socialize and encourage the students to study and faced with kinds of situations.
Also,I'm still new,so I haven't make many friends with the teachers except that I had known the other 2 teachers who are from the same school with me.
Anyway,this is just the beginning,no worries :)

PS: It feels good being addressed as Miss J. LOL


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