Happy Birthday Mama!

First thing to say : "Worst surprise ever"

Today is mommy's birthday,and again,happy birthday best-mom-ever <3 #muchlove

Apparently I forgot to order cupcakes for mommy's birthday!
A crazy idea came up. I told myself that I want to make the cupcakes on my own.
Early in the morning I googled cupcakes recipes and instructions. To make sure,I asked Ceha who has more experience in the kitchen.

As soon as I bought the ingredients,I went home and started working on it. To be honest,I had never bake any cakes before.
I knew something was wrong as I was mixing the butter with eggs and sugar because it didn't mix well,the butter formed into clots instead. But I insist on baking those 2 poor little cupcakes for almost 30 minutes. I also put the special gift in the cupcakes. And the result was..........yes,you guessed it right.

I should have baked delicious cupcake for mom and she would find her gift in the cupcake with full of admiration and joy like those girls in the movies (this was the only surprise I could think of at the time :p). It was a mess,even the gift was not fully hidden. She was watching TV when I asked her to eat it all and she didn't realize that the gift was fully exposed. Suddenly she asked about it and I realized that the gift had been in the cupcake for an hour and the box was about to melt!!
I took it and ran to the kitchen to check if the gift melted and fortunately it didn't.
It was a relief.
I can't imagine what if it really melted,that would be a complete fail.
I burst to laugh when I saw the gift was okay and innocently give it to her.
Ahh,failed on the first try -__-
It's ok,I'll try again tomorrow. :)

cupcakes,whipped cream and cocoa

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