Happy 13th birthday lil bro!

Die Diery,

Happy birthday lil bro! Wish you allll the very best {}
Now that you're 13,please get rid of your childish behaviors,be cool man!

Woah,I've got a lot of homework today,yet none of them are finished -__-
Oh dear,I'm a good procrastinator.
And I'm actually working on my short-stories.
I have 3 ideas,all of them are in progress. I don't think it would be completed by the end of the year,sigh

Btw,why did I reveal about my interest in writing?
It started when I first showed Ceha my writing,continued with Cika,Sharen,and then Asoi.
Yea,they said it wasn't bad,so I feel a lil more confident after they encouraged me. Ahh,thanks a lot guys <3

Meanwhile, about the songs I made.........
This guy,Steven Smith (hey,if you notice this,I'm writing about you. Yes,you. hahhaa), said he wanted to listen to my songs. I was like "What?? No one ever asked for that".
The melodies and lyrics are not perfectly fitted,but I promised to let him listen to the recorded songs(w/o instruments)  next week,umm..I need time to rerecord it lol.

Showing my writing to my friends was embarrassing,what about this? I hope he won't laugh at me,or my voice...:/

It's 12:23 am now,I gotta go byeee


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