Happy Birthday Buddy!

Nothing much to share,but because today is Bud's birthday,I wish him a happy birthday,a happy life ahead,live well,eat well,play well. Thank you for being my best friend for exactly 4 years and it will continue ^^
I didn't prepare anything for him but I did bought him flavored snack.
I feel extremely drowsy now,it's time to hit the sack. Seeyaaaaa


Special YongSeo

1. Falling Slowly -  Glen Hansard
2. Love Light - C.N. Blue
3. The Boys - SNSD
4. I'm a Loner - C.N. Blue
5. Love Revolution - C.N. Blue
6. Banmal Song - Yong Hwa ft. Seo Hyun

My #nowplaying are absolutely by the Koreans!!
I fell in love with Goguma couple againn <3
I am praying for them to be a real couple though.

awwww,sweet potato couple

They shouldn't divorce...aigoo,it was because of their busy schedule since both of them are quite famous at the time.
(they were actually an imaginary couple in a Korean TV show called "We Got Married")
Can't believe sweet couple does exist,not only in dramas or comics but real life!
Seo Hyun from SNSD is totally a pure and innocent girl. Out of the other 8 girls in SNSD I like her the most bcs she's just naturally beautiful and warm. In most episode she was just like..a shy girl.
While her husband Yong Hwa who looks more like a player is actually very considerate and ahhh,just like those guys in dramas who would wait for the girl till she gets in her home safely,hold the popcorn all along when watching a movie,watch the girl with those eyes meaningfully or read a probably-boring-book to get her attention even though he actually hates books. There are still many things to say about him even though I've just watched 5 episodes online.
He might never met a girl like Seo Hyun before that's why he feels that she's unique although many people say she's quite boring. The girl never got to know what love is,while the boy never met anyone like her. But I agree with him! They made a good couple,and I can tell that he likes her from his eyes and I found several evidences from You Tube too hehehe


these eyes kyaaaa!

I didn't know Seo Hyun has so much charm,but in the article I read,she was in the second position for the girl you want to marry the most (among actors).
She deserves that <3

This video was taken after 6 months after they divorced.
pic source: google



Hello bloggies!

How long has it been since my last post?
I have a lot of things to share,but I forgot most of them -__-

Actually I stayed in the hospital 2 weeks ago,23rd of September if I'm not mistaken. I had dengue fever which was quite severe because I and the rest of families did not recognize it as dengue fever for 5 days!
Finally when I tested my blood in the lab and the doctor told me that I had dengue fever and it was already the first critical day,I was sent to the hospital right away.
It was my second time. Mom said I had ever had it once when I was 3 and this is kinda pathetic hahaha
Thanks God,I'm back. I recovered quite fast because I have a great family and friends who supported me :)
I promise to keep my body fit and I won't skip meals very often anymore,staying in hospital is not nice at all.

Today Ceha,Gabi,Asoi and me had done our presentation about ideaviruses at school and it was such a relief as soon as we finished it. Quite a mess without practice yet I'm satisfied,good job girls!

And...about my choir class. Frankly speaking,my school's choir class has nothing compared to other school's.
We'll be performing for upcoming Teachers' Day event and we're going to sing a song from Tapanuli province.
I was late for 5 minutes that day (I never came late before),and the class had already started.
I didn't know what the heck was happening with her but she was not happy about it and murmured in front of other students,while usually there are always some people who were always late,or some who ever came late for almost 30 minutes! So why me?
Okay,that's fine. But then,she did not test us to see whether we're on soprano or alto voice. She decided by herself. Is that how choir should be?
If it wasn't because I love to sing so much and I wanted to learn something,I'd rather..

Let's not talk about it. Btw tonight dad,mom,bro and me planned to watch movies at Sun plaza,unfortunately we were too late to buy the ticket. Bzz,it means I'll have to wait till the next 3 weeks if I want to go to the cinema bcs I'll be facing monthly exam on 17th.

I want to watch The Smurf,Sorcerer and the white snake,Pirates of the Caribbean 4(On Stranger Tides),Gossip Girl,Running Man.....sooo many movies to watch ckck

Well,it's 1.06 am now and I gotta sleep,goodnight loves