Say Hi to Hachi!

Die Diery,

Our home had became more crowded since last Thursday night bcs we owned a 3-month-old puppy given by daddy's friend.
Surprisingly his previous owner named him Champion.
But I prefer to call him Hachi :3

At first Buddy didn't get along with Hachi but now,they didn't fight anymore except for several reasons. For example: I was holding Hachi and Buddy became very jealous and started to bark at Hachi.
I won't blame Buddy bcs he had been spoiled for 4 years and now he has to share with a newcomer.
I'm also afraid of being unfair since I have 3 kids (read: dogs) now.
Hachi reminds me of Kitty,my previous Maltese which was very lovely. Unfortunately she died 3 years ago of a disease called Parvo. I don't wanna recall.
Hachi himself is an active dog,during his age now,he tends to bit things around him bcs his teeth are growing.
He bits sandals,boxes,newspapers,even my hands -___-.
He is very very mischievous.

I hope Melly and Buddy will be good to him :)

Melly,Buddy and Hachi

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