Die Diery,

Remember TOMORROW? 17th of July which is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
I've had several plans,so cool that I can't stop smiling all day <3
Know what? I think I'm going to spend "MY DAY" with a heart :)
Well,I'll tell you about my plans tomorrow,first,I'll try to wake up as early as possible and go to somewhere to do charity to the monks bcs I heard from my teacher that tomorrow is Asadha day,it's when Buddhist people give foods and daily kits to the monks.
In the afternoon,we'll go to the orphanage and have a lunch with them,what a beautiful birthday. Mom is trying to make the appointment.
I think,doing this is much better than spending money to hold a party for people who have enough.
I've been waiting to do this since my 16th birthday.
I hope it will be good tomorrow.
Since God had arranged it on Sunday,why not?
Tehee,btw our family will have a dinner tonight celebrating my birthday,so..I won't be able to join my friend's birthday party,I wish I could..but we can't cancel the dinner anyway..

Oh,and happy birthday too to Pramono!!

Happy Birthday Cancers!