Die Diery,

One year has just passed by in front of me. I can't believe I'm a senior now... In 10 days,I'll be a seventeen too! Am I really that big now? Hahaha, I was still a young girl when I dreamed about my future,but who knows I'm just a step to it.
Bytheway, this will be my very last birthday in high school,yet it will be on Sunday,I can't celebrate it with my friends at all,it makes me feel..emm..yeah...it better turns out the best birthday in my life,but...I can't think of any ideas or should I make a plan? No,no,no no more time geez

oh,okay let's get back to topic. Starting from tomorrow the school days begin,again,that I'm scared of being stressed out because,you know, I think I had enough experience in my class,I had enough pressure,I'm actually tired. But God has a better plan,now that I have a chance to take pictures with my classmates again,I think I shouldn't waste it. I hope I will not waste it.

And I just wasted a month doing nothing -__-
The worst holiday ever I must say,may God lead my way.
Goodnight peeps


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