My Beautiful 17th

Die Diery,


Of course,my favorite day of the year and this year is awesomely special.
I'm 17 on July 17th. Wow! Lucky!"

Unexpected things happened yesterday.
I was sleeping so well till my grandma shouted,"Fonnyyyyy,your friends come over!! Wake uppppp!" (I have a lot of nicknames at home,especially Fonny/Fanny)
She shouted again,"Fonnyyyyy,your friends are here! There are so many people and they bring you a cake!"
What passed by my mind was: "whattt? I'm still in my pajamas!"
I woke up and said,"Don't let them come here,first..." And tarrraaa,they were already in front of my parents' room.
,I have no chance to get ready,yeah,ready or not I must be ready with my messy hair and silly face.
That was so sweetttt of them. <3 I didn't expect anything from them,seriously.
Thankyou girls,I was about to cryyyy :')
Special to Gabi,Asoi,Ceha,Avel,Pinle and Erni :D
Thanks bcs you guys woke up very early to prepare for the surprise!
Well,honestly it was my first surprise from my besties! I mean,like nobody ever makes me surprises on my birthday except mom and S so I'm very grateful :D
And thankyou for others who had wrote me sweet wishes,you guys rockkk!

Had been chitchatted for an hour or two,I asked them to join me to the orphanage. I wish Gabi,Erni and Avel had joined us :(
In the afternoon we went to an orphanage named: Al Jam'iyatul Washliyah, it was actually my first time. There are 215 children with no parents and homeless.
Unfortunately,most of the children were gathering with someone else when we got there,so we could only gather with some of them -___-
We didn't have lunch with them,geez.
In the evening,our family went to Grand Angkasa for a superb dinner. Salmon porridge! LOLL
Mom gave me a super gift which was super surprising! Thanks mom :*

Anyway I didn't join the Asadha day simply bcs I slept over!!! OMG. God please forgive me for making sins and breaking promises O:) But God,thank you bcs you've sent me an amazing family,great mom,beautiful dogs and of course,special angels in my life. May good things happen this year ahead and go onnnnnnnn!

what a surprise!!!

super-messy hahaha!

dearest mom and me :)

Happy Birthday Querade!!

Ceha,me,Pinle and Asoi

Grandma,brother,mom,dad and me

great dinner :D

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