Hello July!

Dear Diary,

I can't believe our school holiday will be over very soon.
It's already my favorite month,July,but I don't feel like going back to school so early =__=
I must say that this is the most unproductive holiday ever cause I didn't go anywhere for vacation since mom was too busy at the time and I didn't enter any courses to kill the time,yet I was always at home,watching Taiwanese dramas for hours. Oh, God now I know why people said holidays could decrease your IQ.
Anyway,I did went out with my friends sometimes,like on 22nd of June,we went to moviegoers to watch a horror movie called The Maid,and on 29th of June we had a gathering at Kawe's home for BBQ and it was the first time I didn't sleep for the whole night. I kept playing Monopoly Deal from 2 a.m to 8 a.m LOL! It's crazy.
And on 1st of July,we went to the airport for a farewell with Kekel who's going to continue his study in KL. Well, we will lose one fat guy from our sight for a moment,but we have to keep in touch!! :)

Oh,I have a good news! I'm going to be in the same class with my friends again! Can you believe it??? 3 years in a row and I swear I gotta do my best,God bless me pleaseeee :)
Thanks for the chance God <3


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