Die Diery,

Now,I'm recalling about something happened yesterday. Too special to be true actually.
Yesterday,my car broke down for the second time. Damnnn,it just happened 3 days ago and... again?
Luckily it broke right in front of my mom's office so she asked the drivers to fix it for me.
Not much help cs the problem was in the battery so I drove it home and would be repaired today.
Hello sweety,please don't give me such problem anymore. I'm sick of it. Should I learn how to fix it myself? Cs yesterday when I called daddy,he said,"That's why I wanted you to learn! Why didn't you take a look last time..blablabla"
Geezz,I'm not a mechanic ok?
And then,after that incident I went to my English tuition and you know what? The secretary said there were no class for yesterday. Why didn't she said it earlier???
Fine,so I went home and started to watch my favorite movie online. When I was buffering the movie,I tried to draw something like my new header (eh,btw is it nice? hahaha) but I accidentally hit the "close" button. O M G,what's wrong with me? I had waited for 2 hours and I closed it? It takes forever to watch an episode which is only 49 minutes -__-
Bcs I had to go to another tuition,I didn't turn off my laptop. I thought I would be able to watch it after the tuition. But I was too lucky cs as soon as I arrived there,I realized that I forgot to charge my laptop! Bzzzzz
What a silly day!

Hopefully there was nothing wrong with today. Thanks God.
Btw right now I feel really sad bcs my mom is sick. Well,she did a check up and the doctor said nothing is wrong with her. But her feet and arms are swollen,well actually I don't really know how to describe it but,yes it was somehow a lil bit puffy and it doesn't hurt. I wish I hadn't wished for anything special on my birthday. If only I could wish for the health of my family that would be enough. #pray

Ok,see you bloggies

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