hello June,hello holiday

Die Diery,

Wooooohhhoooo,like finally....
The moment which all of us had been waiting for...
H O L I D A Y!!!
Yesterday which was the last day of exam,I went out w/ some friends for lunch and had fun karaoke-ing w/ my besties C,G and S.
And today,what I just did since the morning,I went out w/ mom for spa and facial and saloon. It's beauty treatment dayyyy! Yes,just the two of us :D
I feel so much refreshed. Really a good start for a holiday.
Ohh,one thing. It was a man who did the facial thingy. Well,its hard to say but..the situation is,he's quite good-looking,he has fair skin,has a tall and proper body and nice hair too. Girls' first impression towards him must be *wow*. But it aint stop there becauseeeee......
His hair,it used to be longer than mine! And the way he talked is so girly and you know what,his hands are soooo soft just like girls'!! I can't believe this.
Oh well,maybe there's nothin special but this is the first time so,I was kinda shock..?
Forget it,the next thing I gotta do is to clean up my room cs it looks like pig's..?
O m g.
Right now I'm polishing my nails with Blue.
Green,yellow,red and black were last season for me.
This time I've no idea why but blue seems to be perfect.
No,its not that kind of 'lonely' blue.
As calm as the ocean,its ocean-blue!

Bytheway,I'm watching gossip girl now,its great till I found out that Dan broke up with Serena and Blair ended up with Chuck and Nate went nowhere. And I hate Jenny and Vanessa. Geezz
Would anyone gimme links to download the 2nd season? Pleaseee ;)

You know you love me,

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