49 days (Korean drama)

I finally finished this drama in 5 days!
Ok,I'll start with the synopsis and my thoughts about this drama but it would include spoilers.


Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days.

*texts below contain spoilers*
I think this drama is quite different and interesting. You know,I hate drama and I haven't watch any good dramas for years already. Once I watch this,I think I like it. There are many sad parts,and love conflicts but not too much. It doesn't look like lies which often occur in most dramas. I mean,this isn't about a woman who hates a rich man and finally they're in love and the man is willing to sacrifice everything for the woman or something about the woman is pregnant and the man is gone bcs of misunderstandings but they're finally back blablabla. Those kinds of story are so general and boring. But this one is a good drama despite of its ending (which is disappointing).
Conflict starts when Ji Hyun knows that her fiancé and her best friends are actually lovers who try to take over her father's company.
Since she lives in Yi Kyung's body,she has no one to turn to but Han Kang. At first,I had already guessed that Han Kang loved Ji Hyun and it is true. So,Han Kang sees Yi Kyung as Ji Hyun because she has the same behavior as her. But he doesn't want to betray his love to Ji Hyun so he tries not to focus on Yi Kyung.
"You're here having a hard time but I'm thinking of another woman as you,I must be crazy",he said this in the hospital and cried. This is really touching. His real love to Ji Hyun brings 1 drop of tear for her.
During her 49 days,she spends her time working at Han Kang's restaurant and reveals truths that she never knew while she was in her own body. Her friends never really liked her. They said she's very kind but it is annoying. Her fiancé never loved her. And Han Kang is actually the man who really loves her.
Having a hard time to avoid her father's company being ruined,slowly she builds a close relationship with Han Kang. Han Kang finds out that she only looks like Ji Hyun in the morning to the evening. By the time the real Yi Kyung have to work,she isn't Ji Hyun anymore.

Knowing Ji Hyun can't tell anybody about her condition,can't talk as she's Ji Hyun,Han Kang can't even call her real name,it hurts him. Han Kang himself feels so sad and he wants to help her.
Here,seeing Han Kang's love to Ji Hyun makes me really happy. He never wants Ji Hyun to know his feeling towards her. All he wants is to help her and bring her back to life. He is always around her especially when he knows she's Ji Hyun. He's there watching over,care for her,without expecting any repay. It is really sweet and honest.
"A true decency is often not shown" remember?
He's a kind of man I've always adore bcs his love is so pure.
Look how he sees Ji Hyun in Yi Kyung's. Its like he really wants to touch her,to embrace her but he can't.

Finally Ji Hyun also loved him,but she can't tell him. Seeing Han Kang cried,made her ever said "Can I meet him just once with my own body? Talk to him as myself? After 3 days I'll die though,please.."
They acted very well that I think I can feel their pain,something in the chest that I can't let go. The pain when you can't say out loud your feelings,can't call the name of the person you love,you want to touch her but she's not really her.
I think the writer is too mean. The ending,it sucks. Ji Hyun made it to life at the very last day,but she's actually fated to die young. In 6 days she will die (again). In order to protect Han Kang's feeling so he wouldn't feel so much loss,she pretends that she doesn't remember the whole 49 days with him and her love to Han Kang. What the...?

They never have any sweet experiences while Ji Hyun is in her own body till the very last day. They only go picnic together. Well,at that time,Han Kang already knows that Ji Hyun actually remembers him. It hurts more because he can't embrace her and say "I love you" or "goodbye" or anything,he must let her brings her burdens alone like the 49 days. He has to pretend as if he doesn't know that after the picnic,she'll die.
They didn't take pictures together,didn't say goodbye,didn't show their feelings.
I don't understand Ji Hyun's thought. It is good,but don't you think its kind of selfish. I want the writer to at least make them know each others' feelings directly not to keep it till the very end.
And even though Ji Hyun dies,Yi Kyung can't be with Han Kang!!!! This is the wrongest part. Bcs Han Kang doesn't love her,and she doesn't love him. Ji Hyun said she wants Han Kang to treat Yi Kyung as he treats her but not to love her too bcs I'm very sure that Han Kang's love is only for Ji Hyun,forever.

Bytheway,Yi Kyung is actually Ji Hyun's sister. This is the part I don't really like. Too many coincidences?.
Well after all it hurts when two hearts are fated not to be one. The last 3 episodes made me cry like never did before. Jo Hyun Jae acts really well there,he really put himself i the condition and I really like him. He's the sweetest man in the whole drama history I've ever watched. I'm not an expert in drama so,I think I'm not good at criticizing,these are just my ideas.

Actually there are 2 true-love story at once. One is Ji Hyun and Han Kang's. The other one is Yi Kyung and Yi Soo's tragic love.
Yi Soo was dead in an accident. He,in order to meet Yi Kyung once again,spent 5 years working as a scheduler and forgot his memories. Even though seeing Yi Kyung's unorganized life because she's being left by her lover is sad,but I'm more into Ji Hyun and Han Kang's.
I don't know..maybe bcs I know Yi Soo is dead,so he can't change many things.
Besides,at the end of the drama,when Yi Kyung met Yi Soo,they confessed their feelings. No burdens left.
The moment when Yi Soo remembered the whole things of his past is really sad though.
Yi Kyung acts well as a broken hearted and lifeless person. But she's too old to act with Yi Soo,its awkward seeing them together.

Till the very last,I still want Han Kang and Ji Hyun together. Life is so mean,fate is too.
I think that's what the drama trying to say.
But its too mean if Yi Kyung can't be with Yi Soo yet Ji Hyun can't be with Han Kang too.
I think I'm about to cry trying to recall all the parts. Even listening to the songs make me cry too!

I can't get over this drama. Damnn,I can't forget Han Kang's eyes. His eyes are so...urghh painful.....
Omg,I'm in love with drama figure.


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