when i was angry

Die Diery,

Today was just an emotional day for me.
I went moody.
Ahh,I don't know why did I do that.
I was dizzy at the time,I did tell ceha about this.
At that time,I was talking and nobody listen,I made a call about our trip to Brastagi but many of them didn't care,the class was really noisy, after the call I told them about it,yet they were having fun with themselves And it came to the maximum level when..I wanna sit on my chair but somebody was sitting on it. I waited,then he got off the chair and somebody else sat on it. Hello? It's my chair! And I need to take a sit and calm down for awhile.
God,I felt like screaming in my mind.
So that's it. Anger is just for a moment,I kinda regretted being angry but well I'm a human-being. To take a flash back about it made me feel stupid.
I'm not a five years old girl anymore.
But like 2 hours after it,I didn't feel angry anymore.
I'll be 17 soon,I gotta grow up :)

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